About us

Dude Aptitude is aptitude community started by students in order to share their knowledge with the world.

How Dude Aptitude started ?


Dude Aptitude started as a youtube channel and later on website was developed for the same. Rajdeep Kyada and Dharmik Mehta wanted to share their knowledge with the means of internet to the world by providing free knowledge to the world. By searching in the internet, there were few sites or channel for learning aptitude in Gujarati hence dudeaptitude was started on 9th of september 2017 as a youtube channel. Later on, a website was developed by collaborating with Bluecoin Technolabs.


Behind Dude Aptitude :


Rajdeep Kyada

Rajdeep Kyada


Rajdeep Kyada is founder of Dude Aptitude and B.Sc students in mathematics and has a special skills in aptitude and teaching. He creates all videos and teach aptitude related concept in easy manner.






Dharmik Mehta

Dharmik Mehta


Dharmik Mehta is a Co-founder of Dude Aptitude and founder of Place4Java. He is currently pursuing his bachelor degree in IT. He is doing Video Editing, Uploading, Content Management and Social Marketing.



Bluecoin Technolabs



Bluecoin Technolabs is a web development company which provides web development and business development services.